What do a CMS Redesign and a Marathon Have in Common?

What do a CMS Redesign and a Marathon Have in Common?
What do a CMS Redesign and a Marathon Have in Common?
  • Allison England
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This past weekend, I completed my second half marathon, it was an amazing experience. Running gives me time to think deeply and challenge my physical abilities; and there aren’t many things that feel better than crossing the finish line after 13.1 miles. Seriously, I could have kissed that 13 mile marker. Today, I find myself reflecting on the race, and considering the areas I can improve on for my next race. There are many elements that increase the quality of race day: training, gear, and fuel, just to name a few.  Each of these elements is critically important to reaching the finish line in a reasonable time. The same can be said of a Content Management System (CMS) redesign. The user experience provided by a completed CMS is based on the quality of project management, CMS components and content prior to launch.  Using this running analogy, we can explore the process of reaching the finish line (a.k.a CMS launch) in the best possible way.

Project Management– One of the most important aspects of running a marathon is allowing an ample amount of time for training. For the vast majority of people, running 13.1 miles requires a mixture of tempo, easy and long training runs. Each type of training run prepares your body for race day, both physically and mentally. In the world of web development, training is equivalent to expert project management. A skilled project manager, like a running coach, can assist in helping your dreams reach the “finish line”.

CMS Components- Would you run a marathon in flip flops? Probably not. Training for a marathon requires the right gear: shoes, hats, water belts, etc. Apply this question to your existing website. Would you run your website on a subpar platform? Again, probably not. Your website or CMS will perform at its best with the proper gear. Find the CMS that provides the modules and functionality that will best serve your end user.

Content– In order to perform at your best, you must give your body the proper fuel. Running burns lots of calories and requires a good amount of carbohydrates to supply the glycogen your muscles need. In the same way, your website requires content to fuel the informational and educational needs of your end user.

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Allison provides training and quality assurance at System Solutions Inc. She has been with the company since 2012. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities including running, cycling and hiking.