Web Design

We define design as the planning of aesthetic and functional components in a content management system.

There are many components to web design: development, styling and testing, just to mention a few. When designing a website it is important to consider the functional elements just as heavily as the aesthetics in order to gain credibility with users. With decades of web design experience, we incorporate a web design strategy with the end user in mind.

“It’s important that you understand the full impact of web design. It isn’t simply a preference or minor choice. From SEO and branding to conversion rates and more, your site’s web design plays a major role in how your brand is perceived by consumers everywhere.”  –Drew Hendricks, Forbes Contributor

Web Design, in a nutshell… What makes a web design strategy effective? These are the basics:

  • Analysis & Specifications- In this first and crucial phase of web design the client and project manager discuss the current site down to the finest details. After information is gathered specifications will be written to define the functionality and programming tasks required.
  • Development- Programming begins! Developers begin building front end and back end components of the website. At this point, the site is in a rough draft state since none of the design elements are present.
  • Content Insertion- The client begins inserting content, often collaborating with the client support team
  • Styling- Developers work with CSS to create a beautiful and consistent look throughout the site. In this phase, things like font style and size are made to align with the style guide specification document.
  • Testing- It’s time to get hands on! The site is tested internally and by the client, based on standard operation procedure. Testing usually takes place in several rounds allowing time for any last minute fixes before go live.
  • GO LIVE!– An exciting moment for all, as the website is officially launched and accessible to users. Months of planning and dedication have contributed to this exhilarating moment.

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