Expressive your Association through your CMS

Expressive your Association through your CMS
Expressive your Association through your CMS
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One of the biggest things content providers overlook when outlining their CMS is the overall experinece.  They have all of the right pieces: the content, the connections; but they fail to see how to string them together in a meaningful way.  This can lead to users having an overall bad experinece, even if they manage to find the exact content they are looking for.  Here are three things to help improve your members experience:

1: Aesthetics.  This is fairly strait forward, but can be tricky.  A more complex design is not always better.  Your design should be aimed at moving your members through the site, and highlighting the areas that they will find most useful.

2: Ease of use.  This isn’t just making sure everything works.  This includes elements such as single sign on and event registration.  The less time a member has to spend doing what they need to get done on your organizations website, the more inclined they’ll be to spend even more time there, as they won’t see it as a waste of time.

3: Involvement.  The purpose of membership is to create the feeling of being involved in a community.  Let them know they’re opinion matters by inviting them to make suggestions, and highlighting particular members who have contributed great ideas to improve your association.

I’m sure there’s more to talk about when creating an excellent member experience, and I’m sure this topic will be brought up again.  Let us know in the comments below ways that you think associations can provide an awesome member experience.