We define programming as source code, as it is written for a content management system…

When it comes to a website, there is so much more than meets the eye. When we arrive at a website, we notice the beautiful design, or lack there of. As we interact with the site through each mouse click, we are experiencing the work of a programmer first hand. The beauty of design and skill of programming come together to create website that is not only highly functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. The skill and knowledge required to build a content management system takes years of education and work experience. Drupal, an open source content management system, is the foundation on which we build. With decades of experience in the software industry, we pride ourselves on our programming expertise.

What is source code and why is it important?

Think of source code as the foundation of your website, it houses the programmed code, API’s and scripts that are necessary to make your site run smoothly. The importance of good source code cannot be overstated. When a computer program or website seems intuitive and easy to use, you can thank the programmer behind it. There are three essential elements to good source code:

  • Clean– programmers focus on writing clean code that can be easily understood by fellow programmers. Rarely is a website the work of one single programmer, because of this, clean code is paramount to a successful web project
  • Flexible– it is very common for clients to request enhancements and improvements to the functionality of the site once it goes live. Programmers should write with this in mind, the way the code is written initially is likely to change with time due to client requests.
  • Precise-writing accurate code reduces the instances of bugs and enhances website security.

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