Service Agreements

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When you purchase a home or vehicle, it is important to plan for the necessary cost of maintenance. Your vehicle, for example, will need oil changes, new brakes, tires and more. Keeping your vehicle properly maintained is essential to ensuring maximum performance; the same goes for your website or content management system (CMS). System Solutions, Inc. understand the complexities of website maintenance from maintaining and monitoring servers to updating content in the CMS. We provide many service agreements options to keep your website or CMS performing at its finest.

What is a service agreement?

Service agreements are a contract between the vendor providing the service and the client. The service agreement contract outlines the services the vendor will provide. When a client selects a service agreement they are essentially pre-paying for services performed by the vendor. Service agreements simplify the billing process for both the client and vendor, giving clients the peace of mind knowing their website will be maintained in a timely manner. Below is an example of a sample service arrangement:


  • 24/7 monitoring at server, application and user level
  • Cloud based infrastructure
  • Bandwidth [Mthly Data Transfer]:  400gb
    • ea additional 10 gb is $.30/per gb
    • File Storage:100GB
      • ea additional 100GB is $50 l
      • DNS / Domain Control
      • Disaster Recover snapshot
      • Daily onsite Backups are standard 30 days
      • Offsite Backups are available
      • Test, Development and Production instances of eSuiteTools Drupal environments
      • 1 hour support access through asset



  • Website Uptime Guarantee 99.97% (does include scheduled  maintenance)
  • Page Load Speed [3 second – 15 second target zone]
    • Determined on client provided Web Traffic at time of implementation
    • Page load speeds for not logged in visitor
    • Page load speeds for logged in user is 5 to 15 seconds
    • Assessed on base site design
    • Support Plans [Optional]

Hosting and use license privileges of eSuiteTools Content Management System as a hosted monthly service. The fees described here do not include custom work proposed outside of the hosting service agreement. The fee for monthly service will dependon hosting  and bandwidth needs to be assessed in discovery.

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