What is Deployment and Why Does it Matter?

We define deployment as safety protocol in place anytime code is moved or promoted from one environment to another.

Our deployment protocol is in place to minimize the risks associated with transferring code from one environment to another.  In the process of web development, we create three environments in adherence to our best practice policies:

  • Development “dev”– The development ‘dev’ environment is where programming initially takes place. The development environment gives programmers a safe place to work on their code without interference from other users. Additionally, the dev environment gives developers a place to test their code before it reaches the client.
  • Test– After code is tested on development; it is carefully promoted to the test environment for client testing. The test environment is first created when the site enters that alpha testing phase. After the site is launched, the test environment is refreshed with a fresh copy of production.
  • Production “prod”– The production environment is the “finished product” of any web development project. Once the site is launched, users interact with the production environment of the site. Backups of the production environment are frequently saved as a proactive precaution.

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