Content Strategy

We define content strategy as: getting the right content to your user at the right time!

Getting your members interested and engaged in what your organization has to say can be challenging. First, understand what information your users are looking for when they come to your site. Second, consider the users access to the content they are seeking. Finally, consider the readability of your content. In our fast paced lives, most users are seeking information that is available to “grab and go”. System Solutions Inc. specializes in strategies to make to content logical and accessible to your users. With more than a decade of experience, Systems Solutions Inc are experts in delivering effective content strategies for your business or organization.

Content And Consumers

  1. Substance—What kind of content do you have (topics, types, sources, etc.), and what messages or relevance do they contain not only for your target consumer, but also about your organization?
    • Credibility –  Is your content sought after? Does your content demonstrate expertise? Are your articles, stories, papers timely? Do they have a shelf life?
  1. Structure—How is content prioritized, organized, formatted, and displayed? (Structure can include communication planning).
    • Defining structure takes into consideration – who is consuming, how they are consuming, and your business goal for targeting content consumption.  This is a called a marketing strategy using content.

“Content marketing strategy [must come] first and this requires goals, different forms of content for different customer touch points, mapping the needs of people, the channels they prefer and the content or stories”..
Joe Pullizzi Founder of Content Marketing Institute

Process And Decisions

  1. Workflow—What processes, tools, and human resources are required for content initiatives to launch successfully and maintain ongoing quality?
    • Having completed your evaluation, deployment of your strategy is critical to its success.

“A plan for adding unique, expert, and index able content to your site on a regular basis.”   Mark O’Brien, author

  1. Governance—How are key decisions about content and content strategy made? How are changes initiated and communicated?
    • Regular measurements to your purposeful content as key indicators against your business goals allows for timely changes and ongoing success.  See Conversion Strategies [make this a link to next article ] for alignment to business revenue goals.

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