Conversion Strategy

We define conversion strategy as: connecting with your current user and potential member

Looking over the past several years, has your engagement with your audience decreased?  What value does your organization provide to the prospective audience? Does your website directly and succinctly guide your visitor to a specific conversion end point?  If it is difficult to answer these questions, it may be time for a consultation with a conversion strategy expert. System Solutions Inc. understands that the internet is a competitive world, and can provide the expertise you need to attract new opportunities and determine the touch points of current relationships, to keep them returning. Our conversion strategy services focus on increasing revenue, determining who your demographic is and how to best connect with your demographic.

What are touch points and why do they matter?

A touch point is defined as any time a visitor or potential member comes in contact with your website. By understanding and analyzing your organizations touch points you can better meet the needs of current and future opportunities.

Increase Revenue

What would increased revenue mean for your organization? More advocacy power? Providing better opportunities for your prospects? Attracting top notch talent to your organization? Your website is one way to increase revenue for your organization, the experts at System Solutions Inc. can provide you with the insight you need to help increase revenue through your website.

Understand and Connect with your Demographic

Who are your current relationships members and who are your potential relationships? Understanding where they live, their education,  are just a few of the ways you can identify your current demographic. Are your touch points meeting their needs? Once you understand who your demographic is, you can determine what they need. Our conversion strategy experts can help you understand and connect with your demographic.

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