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5 Tips for Effective Vendor-Client Relationships
  • Allison England
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As a technology provider, we have had our share of trials and triumphs in establishing effective partnerships with our clients. ¬†There are many factors that contribute to effective partnerships, but communication is perhaps the most important aspect of establishing a successful collaboration. Most frustrations within the vendor-client relationship can be traced back to the lack of clear communication, unrealistic expectations (from both parties), and assumptions. Drawing from our own experience, we've developed the following tips to achieve harmony in the…

Forging Connection Through Gamification
  • Allison England
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Back in 2006 I became friends with a young woman who met her husband through online gaming. At the time, as a young, non- gamer I thought their relationship was a strange and rare phenomenon. Sure, this young woman and I had become friends but I also suspected that she was a mega nerd, like BEYOND normal nerd status. My suspicions were further heightened by the fact that she was borderline antisocial and also exhibited a couple of quirky and…

Consider This Before You Build a Mobile App
  • Allison England
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Mobile probably use them on a daily basis to read the news, explore social media, or check the balance of your bank account. Apps give us bite sized pieces of the internet with just a couple presses of the touch screen; they've essentially revolutionized the way we use the internet. Mobile apps are also crucial to gaining a larger audience among millennials So how can you use this information to build a kick ass mobile app... Know Your Audience…