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Community Engagement
  • Cody Hobbs
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Is your association looking for ways to engage your membership and entice new members in 2016? Your website may be full of useful content, but where are your members going to interact with one another? If your members are leaving your website and interacting on social media sites or other discussion forums you may not be meeting their needs. In order to engage your members, you may need to consider incorporating an interactive community with your website. Community gives your…

Giving your webpage a beat; the art of a rhythmic design.
  • Tanner Force
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Rhythmic success is the way in which a visitor moves through your web page. Designing your webpages with balanced design principals can help the flow of your webpage. Applying these balance concepts such as: contrast, proximity, spacing, and repetition can guide your visitor on what to focus on. Working with good typography and easy to digest headlines can produce great visual rhythm. So what is Rhythm? Simple, a repeated pattern (imagine your favorite song or melody, it is just repeating…

5 Ways to Strategically Increase User Engagement
  • Allison England
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How can we engage our users and interest them in our website?'s a great question! When launching a new website, we are commonly asked this question.  In order to answer the question effectively, you must first determine how your organization defines user engagement. Does engagement mean, comments on your blog posts, or interactions in community? Defining the goals of engagement is part of the engagement strategy. As Andrea Pellegrino, of Demand Perspective Blog reminds us,  “It’s All Engagement…every customer service inquiry, complaint,…