Community engagement

Community Engagement
Community Engagement
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Is your association looking for ways to engage your membership and entice new members in 2016? Your website may be full of useful content, but where are your members going to interact with one another? If your members are leaving your website and interacting on social media sites or other discussion forums you may not be meeting their needs. In order to engage your members, you may need to consider incorporating an interactive community with your website. Community gives your members a place to discover, update and communicate. Making community content accessible to members only also entices non-members to join your association.

Discover with Community

Community gives your members a place to post discussion, documents, news and events. Content posted within community gives members a way to discover more pertinent information. Posting valuable member-only content in community draws members back to your site increasing your chances of member retention. Keep in mind, community can also become a way to entice new members to join your association. Allowing non-members a glimpse of the content offered to members only can be a great way to grow your association. If your members are involved in committees, community content can be made specific to each committee. Community content is organized and customized to meet the specific needs of your association.

Integrate with Community

Do you use association management software (AMS)? If so, community can be integrated with AMS to provide a simple way for members to update their personal data. Integration with AMS can be a powerful resource for your members. We all know that your member’s time is valuable, why not provide them with a way to maximize their time management with the efficiency of an integrated community.

Communicate with Community

Community discussions allow members to converse in a forum style format; giving them a place to exchange ideas and best practices with others. Community is also a way for members to easily access the latest news and upcoming events. Community brings your members together and gives them an arena for interaction without ever leaving your website. The increase of social media use in recent years has had negative effects for some associations. Website users found it easier to communicate through the use of social media sites rather than their association’s website. Stay relevant! Community can be a great way to meet the needs of your members.