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The Money Sink
  • Cody Hobbs
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It's impossible to run a company these days without an investment in technology, which can take your operations to another level. But how do you do it economically and without wasting extra cash on needless tech services or products? -Raymund Flandez, Wall Street Journal Three words: Technology is expensive.  There's no escaping that implementing new technology into your company or organization is an expensive undertaking, and with the ever increasing rate at which it changes, its costs rise exponentially.  This…

Giving your webpage a beat; the art of a rhythmic design.
  • Tanner Force
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Rhythmic success is the way in which a visitor moves through your web page. Designing your webpages with balanced design principals can help the flow of your webpage. Applying these balance concepts such as: contrast, proximity, spacing, and repetition can guide your visitor on what to focus on. Working with good typography and easy to digest headlines can produce great visual rhythm. So what is Rhythm? Simple, a repeated pattern (imagine your favorite song or melody, it is just repeating…

Six Ways to Make Meetings More Interesting…
  • Allison England
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We've all been there, sitting in a meeting with no end in sight. Keeping your meeting attendees focused and engaged with the agenda can be challenging, so we've compiled a quick list to liven up your standard meeting protocol... 1. Take a Walk- if the weather permits, take your meeting outside and enjoy some fresh air. Networking giant LinkedIn is known for utilizing the walk and talk approach according to this article in The Huffington Post . 2. Avoid Monday Morning Meetings-…