Six Ways to Make Meetings More Interesting...

Six Ways to Make Meetings More Interesting…
Six Ways to Make Meetings More Interesting…
  • Allison England
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We’ve all been there, sitting in a meeting with no end in sight. Keeping your meeting attendees focused and engaged with the agenda can be challenging, so we’ve compiled a quick list to liven up your standard meeting protocol…

1. Take a Walk– if the weather permits, take your meeting outside and enjoy some fresh air. Networking giant LinkedIn is known for utilizing the walk and talk approach according to this article in The Huffington Post .

2. Avoid Monday Morning Meetings– After a relaxing weekend, Monday morning comes all too soon. Give your attendees time to mentally engage and regroup before immediately jumping back into business. Scheduling meetings for Monday afternoon, or later, reduces stress on your attendees.

3. Stick to the Agenda– It’s easy to get side tracked during a productive meeting, especially when great ideas are being produced and discussed. However, sticking to the agenda is crucial. Document items you would like to discuss in more detail, and include them for your next meeting. Sticking to an agenda gives attendees an idea of what they can expect during the meeting.

4. Break the ice (again!)– Starting a meeting with a little bit of fun can pay off in big ways. Julianne, at Something to Talk About, suggests Conversation Jenga as a way to get people talking.

5. Spice up your PowerPoint skills– In her blog, Communication Expert Terri Langhans, offers some ideas on how to keep your PowerPoint viewers from falling asleep

6. Wait a Minute– If your meeting is feeling sluggish, give attendees a one minute pause to collect their thoughts. According to to the Sanaghan Group, “it can create the psychological space to generate new ideas and spark a creative discussion.”



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