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The Money Sink
  • Cody Hobbs
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It's impossible to run a company these days without an investment in technology, which can take your operations to another level. But how do you do it economically and without wasting extra cash on needless tech services or products? -Raymund Flandez, Wall Street Journal Three words: Technology is expensive.  There's no escaping that implementing new technology into your company or organization is an expensive undertaking, and with the ever increasing rate at which it changes, its costs rise exponentially.  This…

Executive Exchange
  • Cody Hobbs
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This year System Solutions will be attending the Executive Exchange, an exciting opportunity to network with top-tier associations who are looking for some technical guidance.  The delta in technology is measurable in an almost daily interval.  That's why it's important to have someone guide you through the terrain. Since 2001, System Solutions has made the leap manageable for associations by providing an intuitive, easy to use Content Management System (CMS), custom modules, expert consulting, and attentive tech support: we not…

Are Freebies Jeopardizing Membership?
  • Cody Hobbs
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Is the world of "free" content devaluing membership? There's no question that the information landscape is a vast place. And with tools such as Google, finding the information you need is just a few keystrokes away. And the best part? Most of it doesn't cost a dime. Educational resources, such as the Kahn Academy, offers an almost overwhelming number of online classes at no cost to the user. And Youtube tutorials feel like they come by the bushel. This isn't…