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Introducing the Drag and Drop Editor
  • Cody Hobbs
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It's been a long-standing notion that Drupal provides a level of flexibility that surpasses the other CMS editors on the market; however, it does so at a sacrifice to ease of use.  When deciding on what core CMS is an appropriate fit for their association, many begrudgingly chose Wordpress, not because it offers them the most robust set of tools, but because it simply has a simpler interface.  And a simpler interface means less time fussing with the pages you…

A New Year, a Fresh Start
  • Cody Hobbs
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Another year is upon us,  and that means another opportunity to start anew.  2015 was a dynamic and wonderful year for the association world.  The ASAE event outlined some fantastic strategies for overcoming  the toughest problems Associations are facing in the tech world and beyond, Windows released a new operating system atoning for the disastrous Windows 8, and Drupal -- the core of many CMS's -- is set to see an update early this year. SSI, too, has been hard…

Leveraging the Abilities of Millennials in the workplace
  • Allison England
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Millennials are often depicted as a generation that communicates exclusively through electronic devices and is incapable of face to face communication. This stereotype follows millennials into the workplace and is sometimes frowned upon by Gen Xers and Baby Boomers in the office.  Millennials now occupy over one-third of the US workforce, a percentage that will continue to increase as the Baby Boomer generation enters retirement.  Understanding the mindset and goals of millennials is one of the best ways to leverage…