The Power of the Podcast

The Power of the Podcast
The Power of the Podcast
  • Cody Hobbs
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Written content is king.  This is especially true for professional associations who produce or present highly technical content.  With that being said, the market is changing.  People are living busier lives, and are spending more and more time in commute.  As a society, we’ve also increased the amount of multitasking we do.  So what does this mean for you?  People just aren’t taking the time they used to to sit at their computer and read through a ton of content.

There is some good news, however.  People are consuming more content than ever!  And not just popcorn entertainment either; podcasts have given people a way to take their content on the go.  You may not be able to read an essay while behind the wheel, but you can listen to a podcast.  There are some wonderful educational podcasts out there, covering a variety of topics from education to economics, and the best part is they’re popular.  Podcasts are the place where people are going to consume deeper, more intellectual content.

So the answer should be obvious: your association needs a podcast.  With as turbulent as certain job markets are becoming, people are craving information on how their particular field is being affected.  So why don’t you tell them?  Interview industry professionals, share the exciting new developments that’s being made, be the voice of your field.  If you record it, people will listen.

The way people are engaging with content is changing.  Podcasting is a great way to engage with your members on their terms.  Don’t overlook the potential value of this powerful tool.