Taking the pulse of your association

Taking the pulse of your association
Taking the pulse of your association
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Just like you go to the doctor for regular checkups, you should be doing the same for your association’s outreach efforts.  And in today’s market, your online presence means everything.  You think you’re taking all of the right steps; maximizing SEO, updating email lists, but yet…

There’s a nagging feeling nibbling at the nape of your neck that something isn’t right.  How can that be when you’ve done everything right?  The digital frontier is unlike any market place we’ve ever seen.  When you were competing with physical real estate and tangible collateral, the physicality of your presence was often enough to give you an edge.  Any given organization could only send out so many flyers, have so many storefronts in any given area, marketing reach could only extend out so far and be sent into so many hands.  But now, thanks to the likes of Google, and social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, your potential members are spoiled for choice.  In the digital market, your competition is everywhere you are.

Having a website and a mobile ready platform are musts in today’s marketplace.  That was yesterdays news.  Legacy members, especially those in the baby-boomer generation are likely to stick with you out of loyalty.  But millennials, the fastest growing professional demographic, have been raised in a different environment, and have different values.  For people raised in this new era, loyalty extends only as far as it’s functional.  That means being able to get the information and resources they need, when, where and how they want it.

But it extends farther than that.  When faced with a deluge of options, their first choice is going to be the one that stands out from the crowd.  And this is where the associations who are left behind will falter.  You know what makes you different.  You know what makes you better than the rest.  But how are you communicating that?  Keep in mind, you may only have a short few seconds to grab someones attention before they wander onto something else.

Any tech vendor worth their salt knows the technology.  What you need is one who understands the market.  System solutions does technology, but that’s not who we are.  For us, technology is the tool we use.  We are a company who knows how to market associations in the digital realm.  We are a company who understands that sticking with the status quo will only blur you into the background.  We think bold, we think differently, to help you stand out so that potential members take notice, and feel compelled to look closer.  We know you have the goods, and we understand that you might want to say: “but we thought we were doing fine”.  We know that “fine” isn’t enough in today’s market.  And isn’t that what you want?  Isn’t that what you need?  A relationship with a tech vendor that doesn’t accept fine as good enough.  Don’t you need a partner that wants to work with you to be exceptional?