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The Art (and science) of Minimalism
  • Cody Hobbs
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"It's all important!  That's why it's on our associations website in the first place!" Of course it is, and I'm not implying otherwise.  In the digital age, real estate can feel endless.  There's no print cost, and online storage is getting cheaper by the day.  This has given us the ability to store and offer more information than ever before.  The number of articles, blogs, whitepapers and so on that can be published is virtually limitless.  You, as the association,…

Using Content to grow your membership
  • Cody Hobbs
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It's a no brainier that one of the most valuable resources you have to offer is the stellar content you provide -- it's why we bring it up so often!  But did you know that you can use the power of your content to drive membership?  Here are 5 simple rules to help you put your hard work... to work for you! 1: It starts with a title: It's probably the first thing you type when writing an article or…

Are you and your members speaking the same language?
  • Cody Hobbs
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Despite the title of this article, this isn't about translation software.  We tend to think of communication as something fairly straight forward, but if something isn't written in a way that appeals to you, even if the subject matter does, it's possible that the message may not be received. In a follow-up from last week's article, Your blog stinks!, I want to talk about the importance of understanding the language, or "lingo" your various members may be most receptive to.…