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We are proud to announce the launch of the new American Scientist website!
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A design that is as functional as it is beautiful, the new website for the magazine American Scientist has just gone live!  We used all our expertise to craft a wonderful user experience for both readers of the magazine and content creators alike. With a fully mobile friendly design, you can read your favorite scientific articles on the go, anytime, anywhere!

Why we need to find the next Steve Jobs
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When Steve Jobs was first outlining his vision for the iTunes store, he had one simple idea.  Every song would be listed at the same price, $0.99.  He met with industry executives, and they were more than excited to tell him their ideas about "tiered" pricing for more popular songs.  Jobs was having none of it.  One account has him strait up stating: I'm not here to listen to your ideas.  I'm here to save the music industry. This was…

Why CMS’ Suck
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Disappointment.  When something fails to deliver on its promises, it creates a feeling of disappointment that can lead to a distrust of an entire market.  For a long time now, the CMS platform has lived in this cycle.  Every couple of years, new promises are made, new features announced, and for a little while, it really looks like the whole game is about to change.  But then something happens.  People get their hands on it, and find their experience is…