More Electronic Everything

More Electronic Everything
More Electronic Everything
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If you are like many in the association world, there is one thought that keeps you up at night – How can my association become more efficient? How can we do more with less? For many, the answer can be found in the continuing shift towards technology. As one Executive Director put it, “more electronic everything”

“Technological innovation is a challenge for societies, as well as a great opportunity” says Harrison Coerver “ Moving digital is not optional, it’s essential. As a professional society, if you want a shortcut to irrelevance, then ignore technology!”

While there is considerable truth to the idea that associations will need to utilize technology to keep up with member needs in the future, It is easy to get caught up in the latest technology craze, and in doing so, actually jeopardize the very gains in efficiency that you are looking for. “More electronic everything” is not always the answer.

One easy to find example of this kind of group – think is in the use – and sometimes abuse – of social media. As Janet Fouts says, “while it’s true that Facebook is the largest network of it’s kind in the world that doesn’t mean it’s good for your business.”

Facebook may be an easy target, but this advice can be applied to almost any type of technology. Like so many things in life, it’s how you use it that matters.

In fact, when it comes to technology, we often think more about the software than the actual reason we need it, but this is backwards.