Are millennials even real?

Are millennials even real?
Are millennials even real?
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As you know, we’ve talked at length about the arrival of the millennials into the association market.  But I think it’s time we ask: are millennials even real?  In a ted talk, Adam Conover says that dividing people up into generational groups is a misstep, and I happen to agree with him.

I think the one thing that we all want is to be treated with equality, we want to be treated with people.  In the past, even I have been guilty of refering to millennials as if they are some other spices, or not really human.  As a millennial myself, I sometimes resent being a part of that generation; after all, so much of my taste differs from what is normally attributed to them.

As it turns out, there’s some validity to that.  Millennials are not a single, amorphous group.  They’re people, just as any other, with differing tastes, habits, etc.

Now this isn’t to say that people who grow up in different time periods, with exposures to different technologies don’t form different lifestyles, not at all, and it’s still important to understand how that effects the things they will expect regarding tech functionality.  But at heart, what we are all looking for is good quality, compelling content.  And I think that’s something you can provide in spades.

If you’re interested, here is the full talk by Adam Conover: