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Using Content to grow your membership
  • Cody Hobbs
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It's a no brainier that one of the most valuable resources you have to offer is the stellar content you provide -- it's why we bring it up so often!  But did you know that you can use the power of your content to drive membership?  Here are 5 simple rules to help you put your hard work... to work for you! 1: It starts with a title: It's probably the first thing you type when writing an article or…

Are you and your members speaking the same language?
  • Cody Hobbs
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Despite the title of this article, this isn't about translation software.  We tend to think of communication as something fairly straight forward, but if something isn't written in a way that appeals to you, even if the subject matter does, it's possible that the message may not be received. In a follow-up from last week's article, Your blog stinks!, I want to talk about the importance of understanding the language, or "lingo" your various members may be most receptive to.…