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The Modern Association Checklist
  • Tanner Force
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The Modern Association Checklist Many associations are under this misconception of this mandatory checklist to properly engage their members: responsive website, community, social media, and blog. Done. You should be fine right? Wrong. When tracking what is most effective to engage your members, associations need to anticipate what the members are looking for and how we, as an association, can adapt to the trends. The mentality needs to be, we are always looking to improve. Get in the habit of…

One weird trick for your association to increase member engagement
  • Cody Hobbs
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You've worked hard on building the infrastructure of your association.  If you've been around for a while, then chances are you've seen it change, perhaps in ways that render it nearly unrecognizable.  Sure, the message is the same, but what was once accomplished with physical meeting places and paper copies of magazines is now handled online. All of your content, as well as your community area, is now accessible any time of the day from just about anywhere in the…

Forging Connection Through Gamification
  • Allison England
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Back in 2006 I became friends with a young woman who met her husband through online gaming. At the time, as a young, non- gamer I thought their relationship was a strange and rare phenomenon. Sure, this young woman and I had become friends but I also suspected that she was a mega nerd, like BEYOND normal nerd status. My suspicions were further heightened by the fact that she was borderline antisocial and also exhibited a couple of quirky and…