Non Profit

nonprofitThe building blocks for long term value for non profit organizations have evolved into powerful tools in charge of collecting donations, motivating supporters, and helping organize events. Beyond the look of your website, it is important to consider the long term value a multi-functional website can have. Today’s nonprofit website must  be search engine friendly, optimized for mobile devices,  easily updateable with a content management system, integrate with event registration and donation tools, as well as fuel  engagement through private web communites blogs, newsletters, or public social media integration . Considering eSuiteTools as a long term marketing product will enable your organization to build a marketing machine that will last for years to come.

eSuiteTools is designed for engagement with focus, in order to drive action, an absolute necessity for a non profit organization. Our product allows visitors to be informed about the mission of your organization, doing so with engaging images and copy. Second, our web design for non profits incorporates simple navigation that highlights key pages helping visitors locate the information they are searching for within seconds. In terms of navigation, our product has the ability to sitemap which will help users and search engines find every page within your site. The most important aspect of successful web design for non profits is making sure every site page incorporates a call to action. For example, large buttons, that drive newsletter signups or social media engagement, making sure that upcoming events are mentioned on every page, donation buttons, and contact information. eSuiteTools has the experience and the knowhow to design and implement a CMS to help your organization be successful.