June 2016 Solving with Solutions

Deliver the perfect pasta sauce

When Prego set out to find the recipe for the “perfect pasta sauce”, what they discovered was, there’s no such thing.  Different people have different pallets.  Instead, they learned there are only perfect pasta sauces.  When a new technology is introduced, like mobile applications, or the PC before it, it can be tempting to pursue development for that platform to the exclusion of everything else; after all, no one wants to be left behind.  However, it’s important to understand that different users will want to access your websites content in a way that suites them.  By utilizing the tools you have at your disposal, you can deliver to a variety of devices and platforms from one central source.  This should free you up to focus on what you’ve been doing right all along: providing valuable content to your members.

Their time, their way

Planning in-person events is a great way to allow your members to meet and network face to face, and the workshops and seminars they host can be a great way to deliver the latest industry innovations.  However, some members will inevitably be unable to attend do to conflicting schedules.  Today’s member is a member on the go, and they need to access to the information you provide in a way that fits their schedule.  Adding a video archive of seminars is a great way to allow your members to stay in the loop, wherever they may be.  Also consider providing a podcast version, that way members who are on the road can have easy access when traveling.

Make the shift from passive to active engagement

We live in a world abundant with distractions.  Cutting through the clutter can seem impossible at times.  But there is a solution.  By using an “active engagement” model, you can encourage your members to actively engage with your content, or campaigns.  Take the icebucket challenge for example: by getting people involved in a social-media driven activity, the ALS association was able to more than double their lifetime donations.  Other ways to encourage active engagement are interactive videos, or awarding badges for different levels of interacting with your site.  Speak with your CRM provider to discuss “active engagement” solutions, and find out how you can capitalize on ways to increase your member engagement.