Have you earned your badge today?

Press release

System Solutions Development is proud to announce a new feature aimed at improving your website’s community area!  Badges is a tool that allows your members and users to earn badges for interacting with your community area in various ways.  Your members can earn badges for things like posting and replying to comments, starting a discussion thread, updating and completing their member info page, and more!  This might sound like a gimmick, but we’ve done extensive research into how adding a system like this can increase your member activity.  And better yet, we’ve already implemented a version of this tool into one of our partner websites.

Moving into 2017, engagement — the amount of time someone spends on your website — is going to play a key roll in how websites are promoted in various networks.  Don’t let your association fall behind.  When you’r ready, we’d love to talk with you, one on one, about how you can start preparing your website to weather the changes to come.