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5 Ways to Give Back to Your Community This Holiday Season
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Tis the season to be jolly, and as the holidays are vastly approaching all are getting into the spirit of generosity. So how can you offer your community value while establishing the credibility you need to attract new members? Technology has made great feats in providing remote content accessibility, which provides associations with the opportunity give more valuable content to their member than ever. ¬†With the ability to reach members becoming easier and easier, providing the right kind of services…

The Modern Association Checklist
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The Modern Association Checklist Many associations are under this misconception of this mandatory checklist to properly engage their members: responsive website, community, social media, and blog. Done. You should be fine right? Wrong. When tracking what is most effective to engage your members, associations need to anticipate what the members are looking for and how we, as an association, can adapt to the trends. The mentality needs to be, we are always looking to improve. Get in the habit of…

What’s the ROI… for the member
  • Cody Hobbs
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In yesterdays post, it was mentioned that associations need to undergo a "change of paradigm" in order to be seen as valuable in a market flooded with more and more free content. At one point in time it was a given that association membership brought value; today, that assumption is no longer true. Every good association and business knows that they need to have a fundamental understanding of their own numbers: how much does it cost to acquire a new…