New tips for your 2015 website

New tips for your 2015 website
New tips for your 2015 website
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Video and Multimedia

The internet has yet to reach its speed limit. Continuing to provide faster and faster accessibility to users that surpass the wildest dreams of web users just ten years ago. The increase in speed is allowing websites to be fully integrated with multimedia and videos. Videos create trust and build bonds by presenting information in a more personal pathway. The average user will watch a video for 2.7 minutes, this will give the user time to engage the video and the webpage around it. It is easy to assume that users are lazy. If you can provide all the information in a two minute video that would regularly be in a body of text, you can reduce bounce rates and keep users engaged.

Lastly, video’s also have the potential to be SEO driving machines. Using proper tags and keywords in your title can enhance the position of a specific webpage

Responsive Design

As technology grows, the platforms in which web pages are viewed are constantly changing. A design in which is not formatted to be readable on multiple formats will cause your users frustration and they will leave your website. The now most common forms of different screen sizes to account for, are smart phones and tablets. These devices are now reaching every age group from grandfather to grandchild, prompting that every webpage is to be designed with the assumption that it will be accessed by a variety of screen sizes.

In the future, your web design may be needing optimization for wearable devices. Wearables like Google Glass and smart watches are potential indicators of where responsive design may be heading. To make sure you are ahead of the quickly changing curve, take the time to ensure that your design is integrated to be responsive.

Fresh Content

Even with the constant and usually unexpected changes of technology, content is still king. The weight of the words you write and the style in which they are wrote are both equally important. Here is a quick list of 5 things to consider on both sides.

Style Words
Plan your website content Use keywords in your titles
Be careful when combining typography Use hooks to keep readers engaged
The colors you use are very important Start with SEO in mind
Use quality images in your content Concentrate on the user’s needs