Delivering Customer Satisfaction at a Reasonable Price

Delivering Customer Satisfaction at a Reasonable Price
Delivering Customer Satisfaction at a Reasonable Price
  • Allison England
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In our personal and professional lives, we are constantly making evaluations and choices to achieve a desired outcome. Often we encounter constraints such as lack of time, or lack of funds; these constraints limit our options. For example, losing weight is complicated by the fact that fruits and veggies are more expensive than hitting up the dollar menu at a fast food joint. The same concept applies to a redesign of your website or content management system (CMS). With websites like and search engines, like Google, user experience expectations are at an all time high. Here are a few ways you can deliver a customer satisfaction without destroying the budget allotted for your website project.

1. Focus on Design- Many organizations consider design services optional when building a new website, but the aesthetics of your website are crucial to the user perception of your brand. Statistics report that that 75% of users admit to judging the credibility of a company based on their web design. Web design should be of foremost consideration when building a new website or CMS. A design that captivates the attention of your user is likely to increase member retention and new member acquisition. If your project is on a fixed budget, find other places to trim, don’t skimp on design.

2. Consider the User Experience-Put yourself in the shoes of the end user when thinking about the user experience as they interact with your website. In order to stick to your budget, think of your website in three categories:

  • Must Have– These are elements of your website that are absolutely crucial to the user experience. Budget must be allotted to cover everything in this category
  • Nice to Have- In the process of building a new website, it is common to consider ways to improve the user experience. A trusted vendor can help you determine what options are available to improve the user experience while still sticking to your budget.
  • Future-Once you have determined the possibilities available within your budget, create a list of future website enhancements for anything that did not fit into the original budget. Future website enhancements can be scheduled as additional budget becomes available.

3. Project Management- The best way complete your website project within budget is to stick to the scope and time frame originally scheduled. A skilled project manager can provide your organization with expertise to keep your project on track and avoid budget overruns. System Solutions, Inc. employs project managers with decades of experience in project management.

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Allison provides training and quality assurance at System Solutions Inc. She has been with the company since 2012. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities including running, cycling and hiking.