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Association Executives’ Confidence levels are Rising
Association Executives’ Confidence levels are Rising
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Association executives are becoming very comfortable and confident in their positions as reported by Trends 2014 Spring Association report. Last year at this time 5% of all executives did not believe they would keep their job, which dropped down to 2% this year.

 Large segments of members within any association evaluate and express their opinions and thoughts about their executives and their management of the association.   As the association does well, and is seen to be positively developing, the members are seen to be happier and membership begins to soar. However, if an association becomes stagnate and does not cater to the needs of their members, you may see drops in membership along with executives becoming replaced.

 While no executive can be completely confident in their ability, the number of executives who are only somewhat confident they will keep their jobs, remains at only 13.5%. The other very confident 86.5% are seeing increased revenues in their association, a better outlook for the economy, and the lowest unemployment rate in years