It's all about dynamic content

It’s all about dynamic content
It’s all about dynamic content
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One thing anyone who’s ever started a blog knows: CMS is simple.  And it’s designed to be.  It’s a simple tool that keeps your posts in chronological order, so whoever comes to your site can read your latest musings.  That’s why it can seem like an enigma why finding an adequate CMS solution for your organization is so darn tough!  Can’t you just set up a WordPress and be done with it?

Think of your CMS like a sports car that also happens to be your daily driver.  You probably don’t notice it’s 315 horsepower on your commute to the office.  But, when it’s time to open it up and go drag racing, it will feel like a whole new car.

When you’re using a CMS platform for just blogging, you’re only experiencing a fraction of the power that it really has.  The true potential with a CMS lies with its ability to manage dynamic content.  You can keep all the information on your site fresh and relevant without having to change a hundred different pages.  And that’s just what’s under the hood.  Your site can be designed however you please.  But, that’s not even the best aspect of a well constructed CMS.

A well built CMS should be easy to manage on a day to day basis.  When creating content, it should handle adding images with ease.  And when you publish, you should have the confidence that it’s going to go exactly where you want it… and nowhere else.  The purpose of a well built CMS is to not be noticed, leaving you to focus on what you do best: creating awesome content.  Anything else would just be a hindrance.