5 Ways to appeal to a younger crowd

5 Ways to appeal to a younger crowd
5 Ways to appeal to a younger crowd
  • Cody Hobbs
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As more millennials enter the work force, associations are tasked with reeling in a new base into their folds.  Some associations are finding it difficult to reach out and interest younger potentials into membership.  Here are five strategies your association can use to speak to those coveted millennials.

1. Speak their language: Like the generations that have preceded them, millennials have their own “lingo” they respond to.  Make your marketing material personal, and less dry.  Speak to them as individuals to best attract their attention.

2. Millennials second language is technology: Millennials are the first generation to come-of-age using the full breadth of technological tools we have at our disposal.  A majority of them grew up in a household with one or more computers and were likely smart-phone servants before earning their primary school diploma.  Many millennials just won’t tolerate obsolete or broken technology.  Make sure your website functions properly, and signup is simple.

3. Make them feel included: The best way to do this is to offer millennials entry-level leadership positions in your association.  Much of what keeps millennials at bay is the feeling that they don’t belong to a group lead by members who are “out of touch” with their generation.

4. The future is with the phone: Millennials are a generation on the go.  Most of them won’t be accessing your association’s website from their PC, they’ll be doing it on the go from their smartphone or tablet.  Make sure your site is mobile-responsive, or better yet, accessible through a custom app.  This will have the added benefit of your association having a permanent presence on your member’s device of choice.

5. Do well by doing good: Millennials are less attracted to promises of career advancement, and more prone to be interested in an association’s philanthropic enterprises.  Do you provide aid for an under-represented filled, such as nursing?  Made any large charitable donations?  Make sure your potential members are aware of this!  This will turn the eye of the millennial.

Associations live or die based on their membership.  An association without members is like an orchestra without strings.